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What is Tong Ren healing?
Translated into English, Tong Ren means 'bronze man'. It is an energy healing practice that has been developed by Tom Tam, a Boston-area acupuncturist, writer, poet, and chi gong master. With Tong Ren, it is possible to perform distance healing on patients. Practitioners focus their intention on acupuncture points prescribed by Tom's unique and highly effective style of acupuncutre. They tap on an acupuncture doll to further focus this intention and send it to the patient.
Will it hurt?
No, Tong Ren does not hurt. Patients often report feelings of warmth when receiving treatments.
Is it dangerous?
No. Receiving Tong Ren treatments is safe.
How long will it take to work?
For each patient it is different. Some patients report an immediate benefit. Others report benefits after a few sessions.
Is there a cost?
TapTheDoll.com is a free service that relies upon donations and support from advertisers. Our goal is to remain free. However, in the future, it may be necessary to charge a modest annual fee to either patients or practitioners.
Who is behind this website?
TapTheDoll.com was founded by Chris Titus, author of The God Complex. His 'factional' work weaves his own personal medical crisis into a mystery thriller that pits Eastern medicine against its critics in the West. Inspired by actual events, including healing sessions with Tom Tam, The God Complex provides Eastern medicine with a mainstream presence. By solving an engaging mystery, readers absorb the basics of Chinese medicine and its hidden connection to martial arts.
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